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Punto Nero bar
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Punto Nero bar

Situated on the ground floor of a historic building on Thessaloniki’s spectacular seafront, the new cafe-bar Punto Nero achieves a successful combination of the old and the new and redefines the terms of renovation.


The concept that led the design process was to expose and present the old mid ’30’s structure, by restoring important old elements and introducing a glossy second layer that would unfold and morph different structures (floor – bar stands – backrest). The old brick walls have been revealed and the old decorative ceiling has been restored. The second layer made of polished colored concrete unifies the new structures of the space revealing and highlighting the historical elements. Rough wooden elements, like the seating bench and the short stools along with the black Bauhaus chairs give an innovative touch. Black is the dominant color, due to the bar’s font wall, which is a huge blackboard than can be used as a palette by both owners and clients, creating a sense of constant change.


Another important compositional element was lighting. Avant-garde honey gold and black lights along with indirect lighting that defines the old from the new create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere. Every detail including the unfolding floor, the walls and the equipment are harmoniously combined, creating a powerful overall impression.




43 Nikis Avenue St., Thessaloniki






Published: * Tom Dixon_Brochure, 2011 Presented: • Participation in the Exhibition of Architectural Work of the Architectural Association of Greece, during the 11th Panhellenic Architectural Congress, Athens, March 2011