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Textiles Showroom
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Textiles Showroom

The store is located in the center of Thessaloniki, at the corner of Mitropoleos and Venizelou Streets, in a three-story, historical, pre-war building of the 1920’s.


The project involved the renovation of an office space and the creation of a new, avant-garde showroom for textiles, hotel furnishings and equipment. The main objective was to protect and appoint the historical elements of the building and at the same time to create a modern shell for the product showroom. The solution was achieved by creating a new structure that stands lower and is detached from the existing walls.  This new structure has an organic, fluid form that unfolds throughout the space.


This organic form, depending on the particular needs of each area, is transformed into shelving, alcoves or storage space in order to present the various objects.  The use of colors and artificial lighting helped to create a theatrical space.


Sotex SA


Thessaloniki , Greece