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Future Library
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Future Library

The Future Library will be implemented through a donation by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Main objective was redesigning, and upgrading the existing office spaces of the library, while creating a new functional multipurpose hall.


The proposed renovation involving functional and aesthetic parameters, aims to improve the functionality of the existing space and transform it into a small but efficient multipurpose room of high aesthetic quality, for video/audio conferencing, official meetings, small concerts, dance and theater performances. Additionally the design team proposed complete rearrangement of the existing office space and its lobby for improving their energy performance, their functionality and acoustics along with their aesthetics.


Design decisions were oriented towards the following:

  • Functional upgrading of the facility
  • Morphological and aesthetic upgrading of the facility to acquire a contemporary character.
  • Upgrading of the office’s energy performance.
  • Creation of a flexible multipurpose room – foyer and reception area.
  • Provision for new mechanical, electronic and electrical installations
  • Provision for optimum acoustic performance

Veroia Central Public Library


Ellis 8, Veroia , Greece