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Container House
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Container House


The Container House is the first attempt of the design team for innovative, fast and flexible construction methods with strong characteristics of sustainable architecture. The aim of the project was to create a modern and dynamic house by enhancing the plot features, orientation and location, while utilizing alternative ‘construction materials’, reducing the building’ s ecological footprint and construction cost.


The house is composed of six reused storage units (containers), interconnected in a way that fulfills the functional requirements, the view and privacy. The repeating modules-containers bear adequate perforations that ensure both the functional unity and continuity of spaces, and the provision of appropriate penetrations in the outer shell.


Morphologically, the Container House is composed of a ground floor plastered volume mounted on a stone base-terrace, and a second, similar sized wooden volume, cantilevering over the underlying one. Each volume consists of three container units attached to each other and bear adequate perforations in all three directions to allow spatial continuity according to functional requirements. The residence is developed on two levels; the first level accommodates the living areas, while the more private functions are located on the second floor.


The volumetric and planar configuration utilizes South orientation and assures the view to Thermaikos bay. The cantilevering upper volume provides external covered space on the ground floor in continuation to the internal living room. The dynamic composition is accentuated by the extended perforations of the building shell, which provide a fluidity and connectivity between interior and exterior of the residence.











Participated at 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects, Presented at Archisearch 2014, Represented Greek Architecture in the exhibition: “Sustainable Living Spaces in the EU” at Sejong Centre for Performing Arts in Seoul, Korea.