TAP Offices
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TAP Offices

The design objective was the creation of the new office spaces for company Τechnip – TAP. The latter offices will act as the focal control center for the development of the pipeline construction, which will cross all of Northern Greece. The architects’ aim was to create cutting edge prototype office spaces that reflect the dynamism, the international character and the contemporary image of the company.


The interior has been totally redesigned, so as to represent the latest office trends for maximum flexibility, collaboration and partnership. The offices are aligned along both sides of a main faceted corridor, which assimilates the footprint of the part of the pipeline that crosses Greece. Extended glass surfaces along the corridor allow for transparency and light penetration to the interior of the office rooms. Furthermore, along the corridor a variety of elegant elements is found, such as: ceiling elongated louvers that bear hanging plants, elaborate detailing and colorful graphic signage, also inspired by the crooked shape of the pipeline, which provide the semi-transparency of the office spaces.


The entrance and open plan offices also bear graphic illustrations and signage that is inspired by the project itself. The small restaurant area has been designed in order to differentiate itself from the offices, in a much more laid back manner that will also act as a relaxation space, of information exchange and socializing. Blurring the distinct borders among office rooms was main goal of the design, aiming at the maximization of transparency and interaction among the employees. The architects’ design decisions tried to accentuate team spirit, as well personal initiative.




Cosmos Offices, Thessaloniki , Greece


1050 sq.ms



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