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Tracy Hall Anatolia
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Tracy Hall Anatolia

The project concerns the restoration of the main building of Anatolia College, the rehabilitation and renovation of communal areas and classrooms for the buildings Macedonia and Kyrides Hall, and the internal rearrangement of the accounting office space and lobby, in the ground floor of Macedonia Hall, which is the historic stone building of Anatolia College, built in the early 30s.


The task of the restoration of this historic and emblematic building, was oriented towards interventions that are characterized by:

  • Simplicity and respect to the listed building and its history
  • Ensuring the preservation of its historic identity
  • Enhancing and upgrading the building through contemporary architectural alterations
  • Functional and aesthetic improvement of communal areas, classrooms and offices
  • Ensuring accessibility to the building by the physically impaired

The building both to the exterior and interior has been, during its eighty years of operation, through several separate alterations. The design aimed to restore the facades to their original form, restore the central stairwell with the removal of the metal components and create a modern and harmonious space for education. All prior interventions and subsequent additions were removed, as they were altering the character of the building and its surroundings. The old exterior and interior windows were preserved and restored, while all the stone facades were cleaned by jetting. At the same time the floors of all levels, and stairwells were cleaned and polished.


The entrance was reformed and an information desk placed directly in contact with it. For the wall to the right of the entrance a big sign with a brief history of the school was put up. It was also suggested to put an interactive screen (touch screen) in this area, which was not implemented on this phase. Internally the classrooms were painted with pale color schemes, different for each room in order to create a peaceful, happy and harmonious environment, suitable for the educational character of the building. By choosing to use earthy colors on the facades in communal areas, coupled with the use of linear, wooden items, the harmonious dialogue between the outer and inner shell of the building was achieved. Opaque glass surfaces constitute the new partition in the offices giving a modern aesthetic yet providing the necessary natural lighting in the workplace. The spaces were marked using signage that was designed to be visible in a discreet way.



American College Anatolia


Lyceum, Anatolia College, Pilea, , Thessaloniki , Greece





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