The Raw Apartment
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The Raw Apartment

The challenging renovation had to consider several parameters, prioritize and create a new concept for the residence. In terms of functional arrangement, the proposal introduced a radical alteration of the flat’s circulation, placing it around the volume of the building’s vertical communication core. The volume was cladded with adequately processed walnut timber, creating an interesting path through the residence.


Perimetrical illumination on the walnut-clad surface was applied to enhance its texture and natural characteristics. Regarding the apartment’s overall design, one of the main challenges was the placement and organization of the kitchen, which was eventually conceived as an extension of the living room and dining area. This resulted in the creation of a uniform space that benefits from natural light all day long.


The dominant element of the living room is the custom-made furniture, which was designed to accommodate the owners’ books and collectibles as well as technological equipment. The black, steel surface folds around the corner, embracing the living room and the adjacent fireplace. The ceiling of the uniform space of the living and dining room as well as the kitchen was similarly clad with processed walnut timber, creating a cozy and visually comfortable nest.




Thessaloniki , Greece





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