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The Slab House
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The Slab House

A large ground residence of 200 with a pool is the closest one can get to the ideal house. Overlooking the city and the sea, with orientation to the northwest, the Slab House is developed around a planted patio, which is the key element of the project as it contributes significantly to the implementation of bio climatic practices in design. Natural ventilation and lighting are achieved, significantly improving the micro climate of the asset.


Built on the highest part of the plot, the property offers unobstructed views to the residents either from the inside or from the long covered terraces. All areas have easy and direct access to the gardens.
The use of stone as the main building material underlines the conventional integration of the house and the natural environment. Individual surfaces of the facades are cladded with wood, providing a warm and cosy feeling to the owners and guests. Wood also surrounds the area of the pool. Covers and louvers offer the necessary shading, depending on the orientation of the spaces, adding to the advantageous energy saving spirit of the property.




Thessaloniki, Greece