Salto Bar
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Salto Bar

SALTO café is located on one of the most popular streets of the historic center of Thessaloniki, which particularly attracts young crowds. The café operates on a daily basis from early in the morning until late at night. As such, the design team was led towards aesthetic choices that would create a calm and relaxing environment for the start of the day, gradually transforming into a more dynamic one with strong theatrical lighting features for the evening hours.


The absolute favorite era of the owners were the decades of the 20’s and the 30’s that stand out for the wonderful jazz swing music and the art deco aesthetics. As a result, the starting point for the design team was a contemporary approach that would incorporate elements from the swing era of the past.


The most dominant element of the space could be no other than the large bar which is at the core of the bar area. A large, imposing cellar with very sophisticated lighting that graduates within the day, creates striking scenery behind the bar. The synthesis is complemented by a grand mirror, which is found in dialogue with the cellar and the bar, directly opposite. While the mirror is hidden behind an elegant bronze mesh with strong art deco references, it discreetly delivers a sense of luxury, reflecting the dominant elements of the space.


The lighting played a significant role in the design as well as the implementation of the initial idea. The intense lighting of the bar and the cellar is completed by marvelous hanging fixtures and hidden lights, creating an elegant space.




Karolou Dil 6 , Thessaloniki





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