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Piraeus Bank
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Piraeus Bank

The project was commissioned after an architectural competition, for the creation of the Bank’s Head Offices on a given concrete structure. The site’s unique location oriented the design towards three main goals: to design an administration building with the best functional and financial performance, to create an urban landmark in the entrance of the historical district, and to establish a link with the adjacent buildings and the Byzantine walls of the city.


The building is symmetrical, organized in three horizontal zones: The lower zone formed like an arcade, the middle 5-story zone, and the top zone with the penthouse and the recess. It accommodates the administration offices of the bank headquarters, meeting rooms along with the bank’s main branch. The façades are cladded with limestone and marble plates, forming red and ochre stripes, having strong references to the Byzantine walls.


The entrances are highlighted by steel shades and canopies, while the external steel staircase becomes a dominant morphological feature.


Piraeus Bank


Thessaloniki , Greece





In collaboration with

In collaboration with “Meletitiki Ltd, A.Tombazis & Associates”, “Mete S.A.”, “Svoura Ltd.”)