Meliton Prive Casino
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Meliton Prive Casino

The prive casino is located within hotel Meliton of Porto Carras resort. It extends on the lobby level and consists of a reception area, a main gaming room with triple height (10m high), a VIP gaming room, a bar, offices, auxiliary rooms and resting rooms.


Multiple shades and patterns in black and gold enhanced with elaborate detailing and atmospheric  lighting create an elegant and luxurious ambience.


The main room is lit through a wooden and plexiglass structure of suspended panels with abstract geometrical patterns. Black walls and carpet create a smooth background for the multilit gaming equipment and the dominant ceiling structure. An enclosed golden niche is created on the one side of the main room, separated from the room with a full height scenographic curtain.


The VIP room adapts the colour scheme of the casino with the lighting fixtures playing a main role. Black ceiling bears large golden lit cutout holes which andulate on the side wall, while golden curtains and shades are used to block natural lighting whenever required.


Porto Carras


Sithonia, Halkidiki , Greece





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