Megaro Loggou
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Megaro Loggou


The project concerns the full interior refurbishment of the historic listed building “Megaro Loggou” in the heart of Thessaloniki, monitored by the Directorate of Conservation of Ancient and Modern Monuments.

The Listed Building Megaro Loggou was Renovated, Refurbished and transformed into the Headquartes of Dimera Group in 2019.

Megaro Loggou was built in 1926 in the center of Thessaloniki. The morphological elements of the facades are influenced by the Neo-Gothic style prevailing in England in the 19th century. The facades of the “Red House” are dominated by the rich embossed decoration, which against the background of red brick surfaces becomes extremely readable in all its details.

The morphology of the facades belongs to Victorian Neo-Gothic eclecticism, which contains many elements of romance rhythm in the columns and arches of the openings.

This rhythm was chosen by the architect Gennari to give imposingness to one building located opposite one of the most important Byzantine monuments early 7th century, the Church of Hagia Sophia.




Thessaloniki , Greece





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