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Mediterranean Cosmos
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Mediterranean Cosmos

The main entrance to the courtyard of the shopping centre is redesigned into a fresh and dynamic form, acting as a beacon both during day and night. The existing pillars are covered with perforated metal panels, bearing horizontal parallel cuts that allow hidden artificial lights to glow at night and light up the whole installation. A large void created at the lower part of pillars serves as seating bench. The facades of the building are redesigned in an effort to create a dynamic, modern and continuous form. Wooden linear elementsin the form of vertical louvers, wrap the building and form new ‘sculptural’ entrances.


The building’s shell geometry is slightly altered, as in some areas the vertical elements are placed at an angle, creating the notion of a three-dimensional movement. The perception of the external facades is altered depending on the viewing angle, the positioning and the distance between observer and object. In order to indicate and accentuate the entrances in the perimeter of the complex, the new louvered system of the facade unfolds and opens up to the street, creating inviting plazas that direct the visitors towards the interior of the complex.


The main outdoor plaza, which receives the largest number of visitors, is reshaped with new paths and resting areas. Its undulating levels, reveal a dynamic landscape with unexpected pathways, stand points and cozy corners under trees. The new configurations prompt the enclosure and gradual revelation of the church and the proposed playground. Accessibility and flawless circulation in the interior and exterior areas of the shopping center were crucial parameters of the design strategy. In order for the different divisions of the complex to be easily identifiable, color plays a significant role. Each area of the complex (including entrance, corridor, internal plaza) is assigned a colored theme, which is related to other characteristics such as planting or water features.


Lamda Development S.A


Pylaia, Thessaloniki , Greece





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