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Luxury Resort
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Luxury Resort

The project entails the design of a contemporary luxury hotel including a convention center and thalassotherapy center – spa in Samothraki. The verdant building site of 25,000 is located on the northern part of the island, neighboring the famous “Vathres”, an area of unique geological formations with streams, waterfalls and natural pools (vathres). The designers’ principal aim has been to create a high-standard, prototypical hotel complex characterized by environmental awareness manifested in the conservation, enhancement and enrichment of the existing environment through the use of appropriate techniques.


Water features as the dominant element of the complex: With the use of special configurations, a stream flows through the site, its sound generating a unique atmosphere, while small wooden bridges provide access to the suites. The complex features a central unit of communal areas in the center of the site, comprising two wings connected by a transparent, glazed volume, and also includes a convention center, guest rooms and suites, and scattered bungalow suites, indoor and outdoor spa facilities, swimming pools, sports facilities and walking paths.


The design of the buildings focused on the enhancement of the natural environment and its incursion into the interior spaces to create an uninterrupted visual continuity between closed, semi-sheltered and open spaces. In order to attain this goal, the buildings were designed to accommodate the existing vegetation and two of their sides were made transparent to prevent interrupting the continuity of the landscape. The design conforms to the principles of bio climatic architecture and respects the local climate and orientation, since all buildings are facing south. From a morphological perspective, the complex conforms to contemporary architectural thinking and implies the influence of local architecture and materials.



Alpha Techniki Touristiki S.A.


Kladeri, Samothraki Island