Luxury Residence
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Luxury Residence

The idea of ​​creating a ground residence aims at the optimum integration of the building complex into the landscape. In the whole plot there are two independent housing projects with the maximum possible privacy for each of them.


The residence, with 110 of coverage, is developed on a ground floor while having a basement with the same exact footprint. By breaking down the building into smaller volumes, we achieve the minimum intervention in the natural environment, respecting the existing vegetation, and harmonizing the new construction into the scenery. The use of stone is also an element that enhances this effort.


The specific structure contributes significantly to the application of bio-climatic practices in design. The volume is broken down for the best possible natural ventilation and lighting, significantly improving the micro-climate. The functions are developed with the ideal orientation and maximization of the blend between indoors and outdoors, creating the impression that the house is enormous, full of sunlight and onto an open horizon.




Thessaloniki, Greece





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