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La Place Mignonne
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La Place Mignonne

Concealed in the courtyard formed by the buildings of the Society for Macedonian Studies and the State Theater of Northern Greece, the new bistrot-wine bar “La Place Mignonne” is located in the ground floor of the former building and combines the atmosphere of a typical French bistrot with a modern, avant-garde space.


The layout of the space was simple: The bar was placed on the right side, banquette seating was placed in the center and facing outwards, and a long table with mismatching chairs was placed in the back, framed by the large and imposing wine case of the bistrot. The left part of the space features banquette seating and a large, old advertising poster for French champagne, which evokes olden times.


The warm, dark colors, the meticulously designed lighting which includes drafting table lamps in the bar area, the concealed lighting, the focused lighting, the wall sconces in the entrance area, the old ceiling fans and the old objects purchased in antique shops, create a remarkable atmosphere.


The exterior layout was based on the existing lines of the courtyard, with radiating and scattered planters containing olive trees or boxwood shrubs, with tables and parasols which transform the courtyard into a green, cool  spot during the summer months.



Society for Macedonian Studies


4 Ethnikis Aminis St., Thessaloniki , Greece