Giannitsa Central Street Network
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Giannitsa Central Street Network

Situated in the city of Giannitsa, the project for the architectural and urban redesign of the commercial center of the city seeks to investigate the current fragmented condition of the public space and proposes a consistent strategy and design for the city’s future.


The composition divides the network of streets in two main parts, the first part forms a pedestrian ring that will act as the core of the city in direct connection to the city’s current extended network of pedestrian streets. The second part is a series of urban zones that connect the core to the rest of the city in which the dimension of the pavement is significantly increased. As a whole, the project introduces extended plantations and urban equipment that will upgrade the city in terms of functionality, attraction and inclusiveness. Furthermore the project introduces a strategy for the unification and the future condition of the shopfronts situated in the area of investigation. A series of guidelines and practical interventions will decrease the current visual clutter and will be in accordance with the unified and consistent appearance of the public space.




City of Giannitsa





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