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EUROTECH is a pioneer project in Greece.  It is an exhibition and business centre for building materials with a total floor area of 8000 The building has been designed in accordance with bioclimatic principles in order to better respect the environment, save energy and serve as a model.


The building is on a relatively flat site with an oblong shape along the North-South axis.  It is a one-story construction with basement, composed of two basic axes.  One relates to the exterior and interior partition walls, following the site lines.  The second, structural grid is the roof turned 22o relating directly to the North-South axis in an effort to maximize the passive solar design. The ground floor accommodates 71 shops, a centrally located exhibition area, a restaurant-café, a multi-purpose seminar area, the information center and the administration services. The basement – accessed through the service ramp, two main cores of vertical movement and through each shop – accommodates storage spaces, E/M installations and lavatories for visitors. The basement has a structural frame of reinforced concrete and interior brick walls with plaster.  The ground-floor has a structural steel frame with insulated roof panels and south facing double-glazed aluminium skylights.


The exterior walls have exposed brick with extensive insulation. The main bioclimatic features are controlled day lighting, solar gains, cooling by way of natural and night ventilation, solar hot-water production, P/V arrays and energy saving M/E installations.



Diagonios S.A.


National road Thessalonikis - N.Moudanion, Thermi, Thessaloniki






Published:  L. Mantziou ed, Bioclimatic Architecture in Greece, Ergon IV, Athens, 2009  Architectural Work in Greece No 4, KTIRIO, Thessaloniki 1999 Presented: • Participation in the 2nd International Congress “Buildings and Environment”, 9-12 of June, 1997, Paris