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Domes Miramare, The Luxury Collection Marriott
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Domes Miramare, The Luxury Collection Marriott

In one of the most beautiful Greek islands, in a plot of 25.000, 100 meters away from the beach, and facing the East, the existing inactive hotel will be reborn.


The aim of the study is to fully modify the unit functionally and phonologically, as well as to upgrade in terms of energy efficiency so that it becomes a modern accommodation of international and luxury standards, ready to host the most demanding guests.


In the above context, the morphological proposal attempts to incorporate all the necessary elements of bio-climatic upgrade & enhancement of shading.


The handling of the eastern side of the complex, which enjoys an unobstructed view of the sea but is at the same time particularly exposed to sunlight, was considered particularly critical by the team. It was considered appropriate to implement an enhanced shading system in front of the existing semi-outdoor spaces, which along with the use of reinvented traditional arches, create harmonious and aristocratic facades.


Domes Resorts







Design Team

Architecture: Makridis Associates SA Despoina Thomaidou, Alkistis Kartsiou, Vasilis Tsigkas, Stathis Stylidis, Angelos Tasolabros, Aristotelis Veniamin, Pavlina Martini, Eleanna Makridou, Thosoris Makridis Interior Design: Makridis Associates SA in Collaboration with Kristina Zanic Studio