Charlie D. Brasserie
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Charlie D. Brasserie

In the heart of the historic center of Thessaloniki, the new Brasserie, Charlie D, has come into being on the ground floor of the famous Excelsior Hotel. The aesthetics of the brasserie are reminiscent of another era, forming a dialectic with the present through contemporary architectural choices.


The strong references to the old Thessaloniki and to the legendary Hotel Mediterranee, as well as the romantic mood with fairy tale elements, were the main axes upon which the design was conceived. After all, it is not a coincidence that the name of the Brasserie, Charlie D, was inspired by the author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Charles Lutwidge Dogson, known as Lewis Carroll.


The environment exudes a strong French character, combining vintage aesthetics with old objects and the artwork of the famous Hotel. It is enchanting and romantic with pastel hues. Pink is widely used, bringing to mind fairy tale imagery and scenes from the cinematography of the Director Wes Anderson. All the choices of materials were made respecting the historic building of Excelsior and its designing principles. Wooden paneled frames were chosen to match the openings of the rest of the Hotel. The pink panels that cover the walls pay homage to a bygone era, yet also acquire a contemporary aesthetic through the use of color. The space is beautifully complemented by the wallpaper that subtly connects the Brasserie to the rest of the Hotel. The furniture and the fixtures follow the exact same philosophy and complete the architectural synthesis.


The Viennese chairs with their wonderful mats are originally highlighted with pink fabrics, while the gorgeous pink velvet curtains combined with the heavy rideau upholstery, which is the same as the wallpaper, lend a more theatrical touch to the whole composition. The presence of bronze detailing offers elements of modern luxury. A mesh of bronze rods creates an interesting concept on the roof with bronze hanging pots for plants. Finally, the lighting plays an important role for the project. The hidden lighting, the hanging fixtures with the vintage floor lamps, and the two dominant chandeliers, complement the space and create a magnificent harmonious atmosphere.





Komninon 10 , Thessaloniki





Photo Credits

Kimberley Powell

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