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Business Innovation Center
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Business Innovation Center

The principal design goals were the harmonious integration in the landscape; flexibility and adaptability of spaces; application of sustainable design principles; and clear space perception. The design team explored the possibilities of an elongated modular structure by twisting and morphing its mass, creating an Innovative Business Centre, where interior and exterior spaces are intertwined and superimposed over one another.


Thorough investigation on the plot’s accessibility concluded that vehicular access is the main approach to the site. This particularity directed the organizational decisions to avoid the typical separation of pedestrian and vehicular access. Instead free circulation was proposed based on the concept of an open and unified entrance, for both pedestrians and vehicles. The continuous interior and exterior ground level is turned into an engaging lobby with extensive flows of greenery, water and natural lighting.


The Building Centre includes five storeys of office spaces and two storeys of underground parking space. The building’s organization is characterized by a great degree of flexibility; most of its spaces are convertible, adjustable to future tenants’ needs. Exposed concrete walls define the building’s volumes, while corten metal shades protect the glazed curtain-walls. The design of the openings and canopies, as well as the building’s massing ensure cross-ventilation and natural cooling throughout the interior as well as the appropriate levels of sunlight or shade.


Stefanou S.A. Development and Property Management


Technopoli Technological Park, Pilea, Thessaloniki , Greece





In collaboration with

Spyros Papadimitriou, Architect MSc Roubini Makridou, Architect M.Arch Sebastian Duque, M.Arch