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Sustainable architecture meets the needs of the present,
without risking the needs of the future.

Sustainable architecture meets the needs of the present,
without risking the needs of the future.


MAKRIDIS ASSOCIATES has adopted environmentally conscious design techniques in the field of architecture throughout the last 30 years.


Our firm has developed a systematic approach to environmental design focusing primarily on climate, orientation, incorporation of renewable energy systems (RES) and ecological construction. The basic principles followed by the design team are the minimisation of the negative environmental impact of the building, the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental improvement through regenerative design.


Our team focuses on advanced investigation on sustainability issues, participating in international conferences and delivering a range of educational lectures and seminars. Our projects have been presented in numerous International initiatives for innovative design that incorporate sustainable principles, like the IRH-Med for Innovative Residential Housing for the Mediterranean, ECOWEEK 2011_ Urban Communities + Green Architecture and ECOWEEK 2012_ Urban Innovation + Green Design.


Many of the projects within the company’s portfolio have been awarded and distinguished for their sustainability and have represented the country in international exhibitions:


  • In 2016, MAKRIDIS ASSOCIATES was awarded to represent Greek Architecture in the exhibition: “Sustainable Living Spaces in the EU” at Sejong Centre for Performing Arts in Seoul and at Busan Station Plaza in Busan, Korea. The exhibition aims at highlighting sustainable buildings and green design techniques in the European Union countries.


  • “Aliki Perroti Student Residence” of “Perrotis College”, at the American Farm School was honored with the 1st prize award for ‘[b]green’ architectural competition for sustainable buildings constructed in Greece, in 2011.


  • The architectural design on the application of passive energy systems to the existing buildings of the 1st Gymnasium-Lyceum of Anatolia College, was a unique project in Greece, in the sector of sustainable planning, which the Ministry of Growth subsidized in 1997.


  • The Construction Materials Center “EUROTECH”, at Thermi, Thessaloniki, an innovative sustainable building, was presented at the 2nd International Conference ‘Buildings and the Environment’, June 9-12, 1997, in Paris, France.


Today the dramatically changing global climatic conditions require a more sensitive and thoughtful consideration of energy, water and waste issues. It is essential in order to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

Considering the effects that buildings and their operating systems, have on the environment, MAS is continually developing new strategies to minimise its projects’ ecological impact.

1st Green Award

1st Green Award

'Aliki Perroti Student Residence' received 1st prize award for realised sustainable building in Greece at the B'GREEN competition - represented Greece in IRH-MED, Innovative Residential Housing for the Mediterranean - chosen to represent Ecological Buildings at the International Congress Urban Communities & Green Architecture - represented Greek Sustainable Architecture at the exhibition 'Sustainable Living Spaces in the EU' in Seoul

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